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 House of Rhythm & Dance

Fall 2020 RhythmDance Classes in Nelson
September - December
Mixed Level (Tuesday evenings) and Level 2 (Monday evenings)
Front Street Dance Studio, 612 Front St.
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Fall 2020 RhythmDance Class- Level  1

Tuesday Evenings 
7:15- 8:30pm

Begins Sept. 29
Front Street Dance Studio 
612 Front St. Nelson, BC

Level  1 classes are  well-suited for beginners, experienced, casual dance students and the curious. 
Early bird pricing: $165. To receive early bird pricing, please register by Sept. 22
Everyone Welcome!

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Fall 2020 RhythmDance Class- Level 2 

Monday Evenings

5:45 - 7:15

Sept. 28 - Dec. 7


Front Street Dance Studio

612 Front St. Nelson, BC

Early bird pricing $175. 

To Receive early bird pricing, please register by Sept. 21

Level 2 classes are well-suited for those who have taken at least 1 prior RhythmDance session, serious students, students with extensive dance or music experience, and performance group members.

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- Concentrate ~ Gyrate ~ Dominate -

the dance floor .....and your life!

Strengthen body and mind

Power to live

Power within

Step Into Your Power

and DANCE!

A snippet from the Free Introductory Class:


RhythmDance Drum Orchecstra


RhythmDance Drum Orchestra employs an enchanting array of drums, dunduns, bells, percussion and dance 

to create a sweet synthesis of timeless tones and 21st century style-

 sure to lift the spirits.

Interested in joining us? Please send us a message!


In the Bamana language of west Africa,

 the word for what westerners call 'djembe' is: 

'jebe bara'  /je bay - bar - ah/ . 

'Jebe' means 'unity'; 'bara' means 'drum'. 

“Unity of the drum” or “unity drum”.

When we  play the drum, we open our hearts, and come together, all one, hang up disagreements like an old coat to be left behind.  

When one bird flies, you don't hear it, but a whole flock ~ you hear and feel it.

Alone, nothing. Together, everything.

Unity of the drum.

Ultimate thanks and boundless gratitude to 

Abdoulaye Diakite 

for his teachings, patience, kindness and guidance 

on the path of 

Rhythms, heart and soul. 

Rise. In. Power.