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About RhythmDance Drum Orchestra

"Music cradles the dancer, rocks the dancer, propels the dancer. The dancer wears the music, expresses the music, transfers the music... to ... you. To dance, one must become music with hands, feet, heart, soul. To play the music, one must dance with hands, feet, heart, soul. ....."

RhythmDance Drum Orchestra is born of artistic director, Marilyn Hatfield's desire to share the magic and joy of rhythm and dance with all. Each beat and every movement are executed in honour of the myriad African teachers who have shared their hearts, culture, history and art with us.

Marilyn is a performer, musician, drumming and dance instructor, artistic director and choreographer, locally and internationally.  Since 1995, she has dedicated herself to studying, performing and teaching west African drumming and dance arts as well as creating, recording and performing original music with Soundserious trio and RhythmDance Drum Orchestra. 
With an extensive background in the drumming and dance arts, Marilyn channels her rhythmic passion into RhythmDance Drum Orchestra
a fusion of drumming, percussion and dance choreography that weaves ancient sounds with contemporary movements. 
Hailing from the Slocan Valley and Nelson, BC, RhythmDance Drum Orchestra employs an enchanting array of drums, dunduns, bells, shakers, percussion and dance to create an exhilarating synthesis of tribal drumming and 21st century style. 

Available for public and private events, fundraisers, etc. Contact us for booking info.

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